Hi, my name is Brian. I'm a user-centered product leader, writer, and community builder in Austin, Texas. My core values are empathy, craftsmanship, continuous improvement, and trust.

My work is at the intersection between people, products, and processes—specifically the way the how of the work infuences the outcome of the work. I love live music, short novels, and talking to uncommon, friendly people.

Say hi at bb.place or @bb.

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I'm the VP of Product at Pingboard, leading product strategy and development. As part of the founding team, I also started and led design, data, content strategy, support, and people ops teams.

Previously, I was the Labs Product Manager at Return Path, leading experimental product development of web and mobile apps.

Before that, I was part of the founding team at Gowalla. As the Glue Guy, I managed multiple teams, development projects, and virtual good economies.

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