Art by @etherbrian

Uncommon in Common was an online community I started in 2012. It was active for 5 glorious years and is now closed. This archive preserves and celebrates its history.

It was a labor of love, not a startup,
a neighborhood, not a network,
a trampoline, not a rabbit hole.
A human place for internet people.

We set out to reimagine community online. Exhausted by social networks and their insatiable appetite for our time and attention, we created a site that was on your side.

We celebrated the best in one another, the uncommon we had in common. When you strip away the follower counts and algorithms, sell memberships instead of ads, and respect and value each person, you’re left with kind and curious people talking on the front porch.

I'm filled with gratitude for the Uncommon community. Building our online neighborhood together was a joy and something I'll never forget. Thankfully, the discoveries and connections, friendships and inspirations, will always be with us.

Thanks for being uncommon,