A drawing of a city brownstone with a woman walking her dog on the sidewalk
Art by BJ Heinley

We bring Uncommon to a close as it approaches its 10th anniversary in 2022. I created this archive to celebrate the community and people who made it possible. I’m incredibly proud of what we created together. We really did reimagine community online and put people at the center of it. Apps are responsible for how they’re used and Uncommon was on your side. No engagement loops, virality, infinite scroll, self-promotion, advertising, data mining, algorithims, or growth hacking. Just humans sharing with one another on the internet.

It wasn’t everything we dreamed, of course. We fell short and many of the most interesting and enriching ideas never came to fruition.

That's okay. Ideas should never be limited to what's possible.

What's Next

I continue to explore ideas around how communities form and thrive. There is always room for more experiments, online and off. We need more connection, conversation, and commonality. We need more neighborhoods, not networks.

I’m currently thinking about whether a community requires a home, and can a community be decentralized without being disconnected.

I’d love to discuss ideas for empowering communities. Drop me a note or reach out on Twitter. I’m also available for consulting on more in-depth projects.

For Members

If  you were a member of Uncommon and would like a copy of your contributions, please reach out to uncommon at bb.place. I'd love to hear from you and will happily send along your favorites and prompt replies.

Thank you for making this community possible and the essential part you played in our story!