I love to think about words and lately one has been playing over and over in my mind.


The more I think about it, the more so much of life seems to flow through that short, simple word. Again is in many ways how we define what we love.

I listen to an album for the first time and as I do, I wonder, "Do I want to listen to this again?"

After I try a new restaurant, the first question is, "Would I go there again?"

A friend goes to a concert. "How was it? Would you see them again?"

That wine was delicious. Next time I'm here, I'll order it again.

It was an incredible book. I definitely want to read it again.

It was such a fun vacation. I already want to go back again.

The movie was amazing. I can't wait to see it again.

That game is great! Let's play again.

Again doesn't just define the things and experiences we love, though. It's part of the decisions that define who we are.

Do you want to go out with her again?

Would you marry him again?

If you could start over,

would you do it all