Check for Updates

I make lists for just about everything, from the week ahead at work to the books I want to read next and the concerts I've seen.

Lists are how I remember the small things and prioritize the big things. For over eight years, those lists have been kept in Things from Cultured Code.

I've used Things longer than any other app. The UI is simple and efficient, with thoughtful touches throughout. It's equally great on the Mac and iPhone. I can count the number of bugs I've encountered on one hand. Most importantly, the data syncing and integrity has been flawless. When you're storing years of ideas, notes, and tasks in one place, you have to be able to trust it. I rely on Things throughout every single day.

Flawless isn't easy, though. Cultured Code is notorious for shipping only when it's ready, which mean long breaks between major versions. The long-awaited Things 3 debuts Thursday after being announced in December.

December 2013.

Many people have stopped using Things due to the lack of major updates and they often write about it. But they rarely describe a significant bug that hasn't been fixed or essential feature that's missing. The app has never been stagnant. Improvements are delivered regularly, including support for new OS features and Apple Watch.

Mostly, people are frustrated at waiting so long for something new. We expect a steady stream of change from our apps and devices that we don't from, say, kitchen knife manufacturers. It's fun to tinker with new features and it's easy to equate change with progress. It's hard to imagine that an app could be designed with such care that it doesn't need to be revamped regularly.

I'm eager as anyone for a new version of Things, but while waiting for Things 3, I've never once opened the app and not been able to do what it's designed to do.

I'm going to focus on using Things and trust Cultured Code with building it.