Even the Shark from Jaws

The film An Evening with Kevin Smith includes a story about Ben Affleck, who Smith directed in multiple films. The casting director for the movie Daredevil asked him who should play the lead.

I said, "Affleck" because that's my answer for everything. I'm a big fan, so I think he can play anything. If people are like, "Jaws?" I'm like, "Affleck. Affleck plays the shark."
I told Affleck, "There's a dude checking if you wanna play Daredevil." He's like, "I love Daredevil." I said, "That's what I told him."
He said, "What'd you say?" I said, "You should play it." He said, "Why?" I was like, "I think you should play everything."
"Like, even the shark from Jaws?"
"Yes, the shark from Jaws."

I love this so much. Wrapped in the hilarious dialogue and delivery is one of the most powerful forces on the planet: one person's complete, unwavering confidence in another.

Everywhere I turn, I see people doing big, hard things: beginning a new life in a new country, writing a book, learning programming, mentoring students, starting a business, caring for a sick loved one, teaching, speaking in front of strangers, leading a team, being a good neighbor under difficult circumstances, and more.

Sometime we forget and need to be reminded, though. We don't always see what others see. I'm thankful for friends who stepped in at the right moment and provided the perspective I'd lost. I try to do the same. There are few better gifts to give or receive.

I'm a big fan. I think you should play everything.

Like, even the shark from Jaws?

Yes, even the shark from Jaws.