A trampoline, not a rabbit hole

Remember last week when I described the community timeline? Well, today would have a small star next to it followed by the words: First website :)

Say hello to www.uncommon.cc

I am terribly excited to have a lovely outpost for Uncommon on the World Wide Web. It’s nothing and everything all at once, a simple page that gives a tiny impression of what Uncommon might be. In will be improved and later, replaced, like the first draft of the first chapter of your first novel. That doesn’t make the beginning any less significant. The key to creating anything is to make a little bit of progress every day. It’s only when you stop for a moment and turn around that you realize how far you’ve come.

You already receive this email and are part of this story (and thank you for that), so there’s not much for you to do but look at it. You can share it with a few friends, though. Tell them you’re helping create something new and see if they’d like to lend a hand. I bet you have some uncommon friends who would make this an unforgettable story.

Oh, and for your friends who can’t resist a clever URL,
www.uncommonincommon.com works, too.

Uncommon reads

House of Cards by Robin Sloan, a brief tale about HyperCard, the Web, tapping through cards and scrolling through pages. I think stacks will be close to the heart of the Uncommon experience, from postcards (whether pulp or bits) to how we respond to and experience prompts, questions and nudges that we can curate and share in unique ways.

We will start to make stacks in earnest again. We will develop a new grammar for this old format. We will talk about rhythm and reveals...

An introduction

Last week, I asked if any of you would like to introduce yourself to our community of delightful people. Everyone, say hello to Mona:

As a life long employee with a filmmaking hobby, I am finally taking serious steps into creating my own opportunities where I am solely responsible for success and failure. This is really exciting me.

One of my favorite things is to read quietly next to my husband who is also reading. When we do this it feels like a soft summer day, no matter what time of year it actually is. I can be found here.

If you’d like to introduce yourself to the Uncommon community, send a short note along with an interesting tidbit (maybe one of your favorite things or an idea you’re toying with) and I’ll include them in future dispatches.

Your turn

Over the last few weeks, it’s felt like there has been strange lack of amazing content online. Before that, it seemed like every link I came across was a must-read. In talking with some friends, I’m apparently not the only one.