Member Newsletter #11

Hello friends,

I hope February has been kind to you and your loved ones. I know many of you are in the depths of winter. Wishing you the pleasures of the season, as well as the assurance that spring will arrive soon :)

Many wonderful things have been shared recently on the front porch. Two highlights you will surely love: Shaun's marvelous reflection on the movie Groundhog Day and Danielle on the majesty of the Mid-Day Surprise Nap.

In addition, Karen wrote about teaching, Andy and Ben shared why they love woodworking, and Radhika celebrated what U2 means to her. Also, Patty and Simon are delightful people worth getting to know.

We've added new mementos to celebrate these and other favorite things. Have a look while you enjoy the stories behind them.

In other news, the shirts for Tangibly Uncommon turned out great! If you placed an order, the packages will be on the way next week. We contribute a portion of every membership and Tangibly Uncommon purchase to Ag47, a non-profit that does great work on behalf of young women in Chicago. We mailed the latest check earlier this month.

We just finished a development project whose benefits are largely behind-the-scenes in the form of code and design standards that make future work more pleasant. The keen eye will spot a number of design improvements on the site, too. The final piece involves making our illustrations beautiful for those of you with keen eyes and retina displays.

We also fixed a few intractable bugs and began work on making the stack of cards that await you when you visit everything they were meant to be. Look for more on what's ahead next month.

Questions and ideas are welcomed enthusiastically. If you'd like to chat or find yourself in Austin, just say the word and we'll make it happen.

Till soon,


P.S. If you purchased a membership, invite a friend to join you for free. They'll be reminded of what a great person you are and we'll welcome them with appropriate fanfare.