Member Newsletter #13

Hello and happy weekend to you!

While introducing two friends at a get together recently, I searched for what might prompt connection and conversation. It finally occurred to me that they were both Uncommon members, which was a good start, but then I realized that right in front of me were the first two people who chose woodworking as one of their favorite things in the world. It was so fun to connect those dots and experience firsthand the big smiles and instant familiarity sparked by the uncommon they had in common.

I left thinking about how the focus of technology has become what can be gleamed, then automated, from massive amounts of information about people and behavior. I think we'll linger on the pleasures of small data and human algorithms for a little while longer.

From the front porch

Every week brings new neighbors and favorites. Patty and John share a love of sunsets. Their beautiful stories are accompanied by one of my favorite mementos yet.

I know a few Uncommon members have a love of poetry. Matthew shared what it has meant to him. Then, Lisa wrote a lovely note about writing: "This is how I move through the world: word by word." The mementos for both of these are wonderful as well.

Finally, the music favorite keeps getting more interesting as people add their stories, much like a crowd gathering at an intimate venue.

As you can see, every favorite and its story is unique. There is no one way to express what is really quite personal. Some favorites are tangible, some are things we do, others are ideas. The stories behind them range from a pair of sentences to taut essays to meandering tales.

There is no one way. Uncommon is the place for your favorite things, whatever form they take. We can't wait to read yours, then follow the thread from you to new friends and old.

To add a favorite, sign in to the site, click Favorites at the top, then the cheerfully purple "Add Favorite Thing" button. Drafts are saved as you type and you decide when you're ready to share it. We regularly create original, tiny pieces of art called mementos to celebrate new favorite things.

Looking ahead

Work has begun on the new additions mentioned last month. Four of us even had the chance to work together in-person one evening this week, which was a treat. Hopefully, we'll have some great things to share on the summer solstice.

I've mentioned more than once that Uncommon is a community above all else. There are many possible expressions of that, the website being only one, and we'd love to do more to explore them.

Maybe you'd like to help?

Are you driven to welcome, connect, and encourage others? We're searching for a talented person to lead the way. Your humor, relentless pursuit of unlikely ideas, and profound empathy will write new chapters in Uncommon's story. If you're curious, have questions, or thought we'd never ask, just hit reply.

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead. Thanks for being uncommon,