Member Newsletter #14

Hello uncommon friends,

How are things with you? We'd love to hear what's new in your corner of the world. Are you trying something different? Are you stumped on a dilemma? Is there something you need help with? Uncommon is a community and we're here for you. Reply with anything at all—questions, ideas, smoothie recipes, critiques, doodles—and we'll reply with great gusto. If you'd like to chat, even better.

What's the latest in the Land of Uncommon? Some wonderful people have joined our community. It is so much fun to see each person's unique twist on favorite things. My actual favorite part may be the three-word bios, though. Elizabeth introduced herself as Tenuous, Chemical, Being, which is a perfect little poem, isn't it? (I have to admit, her favorites and uncommonly good things are kind of awesome, too.) Vedrana joined us from Croatia. Her equally delightful bio takes a different tack: Serenity, Colorful, Twilight.

John found our small haven in Cape Town and shared his love of driving at night in the mist. His three words are Geeky, Principled, Celebratory. Then there is Lenny Jam in London: Paradoxical, Organic, Learner.

With the many clever spins our community has already come up with, we've been playing with ideas for how to explore these simple, fun, and often profound combinations. To add your bio, sign in and visit the settings page.

Progress has been a bit limited on the next seasonal release. Life intervenes sometimes with labors of love like these, in both welcome and unwelcome ways. That's been the case this month for members of the Uncommon team. We're so excited about what's in the works, though, and hope to have delightful things to share (including gorgeous mementos for your favorites) by the Summer Solstice.

In the meantime: stay kind, stay awesome.