Member Newsletter #15

Flyers are up around the neighborhood announcing the big news: stacks are here!

On the Summer Solstice, the first seasonal Uncommon release made its debut. With stacks, when you visit our community’s online home, you’ll find a stack of delightful cards waiting for you, including favorite things, introductions to interesting neighbors, thoughtful and surprising prompt replies, and every so often, announcements.

We keep track of each card you’ve seen, so your stack will always be fresh. You can favorite any card you love and revisit them (and any other cards) in your future archive.

Stacks are designed to be true to our community ethos. You won’t be greeted by a red number telling you how many unseen cards you have. In fact, you can’t fall behind, whether you visit each day or once a month.

We want your time on the Uncommon site to be refreshing, thought-provoking, and encouraging, but also short—a trampoline, not a rabbit hole. A new stack is created each day instead of on every visit. A thriving Uncommon is reflected by new friendships and perspectives, not how long we spend online.

Play with stacks and let us know what makes you smile and what will make it better. Also, a huge thanks to the Uncommon team, all of whom helped bring stacks to life. What an amazing group of people.

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of Uncommon. Each of you has made these three wonderful years possible. I’m overflowing with gratitude for the past and giddiness about our future.

Questions, cryptic messages, and pet photos are always welcome.

Thanks for being uncommon,


P.S. The other big part of the seasonal release is adding search to the site and it’s just around the corner.