Member Newsletter #16

Greetings, friends!

Whether you're in the middle of a lazy summer, chilly winter, or relaxing holiday, I hope this month has been good to you. Since you probably have a book to get back to you or are trying to spend as little time in your inbox as possible, let's dive in.

Just a few hours ago, we added search to Uncommon's online home!

Sign in, click search, and type the name of a member or favorite thing. At last, you can easily find who and what you're looking for. It's a simple start, but I think you'll love it. A huge thanks to the team for such a lovely addition.

Try it out when you have a moment and let us know what you like and what you'd like even more. Don't forget, the site goes quiet for 24-hours each week, starting Friday afternoon (central U.S. time.)


The debut of stacks last month was quite a milestone. I'm inevitably delighted by the cards waiting for me when I visit, and many of you have shared how much you enjoy the experience. Thanks for your kind words and helpful suggestions.

We've made a few small improvements recently, the most noticeable of which is a new stack icon. Unrelated to stacks, if you found yourself having to sign in regularly, that should no longer be the case (unless you want it to be the case, of course.)


Lara, a new member of the Uncommon team! A few months ago, I asked if there was a creative and empathetic person in our community who loves to connect and encourage others. Lara is that and so much more.

She has been part of Uncommon from the beginning, contributing more thought-provoking prompt replies than I can count. She's also been a continuous source of inspiration and true kindness. More than anything, Lara loves and believes in this community and is eager to multiply our connections and possibilities.

She'll be starting conversations, making introductions, asking questions, and making you laugh. If you don't know Lara yet, you're in for a treat.

From the community

Debbie recently joined our community after being invited by one of you smart people. I'm so glad she did. She's a great writer with many insights into communities. She's also a lot of fun to talk with.

The other day, Debbie got the sort of medical news none of us wants to get. Then, she shared her perspective on it in an amazing essay. It's worth the time to read it.

I know emails from distant places can feel so disconnected from what life is like at that exact moment on the other side of the screen. Please know that we, this community spread across the world, are here to lend a hand and cheer you on. Just say the word. You, too, Debbie :)

Share your questions and ideas any time. Each of you makes this community possible, but more importantly, you make it wonderful.

Waving from Austin,