Member Newsletter #17

When this community began three years ago, we imagined an experience centered around three ideas.

First, sharing our 10 Favorite Things and the story behind them. We started with postcards and now you can add favorites on the web, marvel at the beautiful mementos, and discover who has favorites in common.

Second, Prompts bring us together through lovely stories and candid reflections sparked by questions big and small. We’ve shared these through the dispatch, postcards, gatherings, and soon, we’ll be able to reply to prompts on the site.

The third idea is Table for Six, inspired by those dinners you wish would never end, when the dimming light and empty plates leave space for memorable talk about meaningful things. Table for Six is a way to enjoy uncommon conversation with friends and new neighbors.

These conversations bring together a delightful mix of kind and curious people. When they draw to a close, we will being connected to new people and perspectives.

Table for Six can take many forms. Imagine gatherings in your city with uncommon friends. Imagine a week-long conversation on the site itself, bringing together neighbors from Bergen, Melbourne, Portland, Chicago, Berlin, and Brooklyn.

But first, how should we begin? Like the original postcards, how can we explore Table for Six and build the foundation for what’s to come in a slow, uncommon way?

With a phone call, of course :)

There’s something simple, human, warm, and fundamentally equal about telephone conversations. We listen closely to match voices with names. There’s less performance and more imagination. It seems a fine place to start.

Our inaugural Table for Six conversations will take place September 19/20. We’ll arrange times and combinations that work across timezones and everyone participating will receive a helpful email with details and introductions in advance. All you need is a phone and an hour or so :)

To be part of this new chapter of Uncommon’s story, just reply!

Thanks for being curious, game, and above all else, uncommon,