Member Newsletter #18

Greetings, Uncommon friends!

We recently added a delightful, surprising chapter to Uncommon’s story: our first Table for Six conversations!

Table for Six was inspired by those dinners you wish would never end, when the dimming light and empty plates leave space for memorable talk about meaningful things. It’s a way to cultivate new perspectives and relationships with kind, uncommon people from around the world.

Last month, I shared a quick sketch of the idea and proposed we give it a go in a rather uncommon way for an online community: a phone call. As you have proven time after time, this community is filled with curious and enthusiastic people! For our first experiment, we brought together groups of 6 members to talk for an hour or so about things big and small. We coordinated calendars, shared a theme (Back and Forth, from travel adventures to routine commutes), and then the time arrived.

And you know, it was amazing. People described the experience as “unusual”, “inspiring”, “fulfilling”, “peculiarly refreshing”, and “energizing.”

The first conversation felt like a high-energy brunch (it took place in the morning for most people.) There were hilarious, elaborate stories of epic road trips and vacation catastrophes. It was incredibly fun.

The second conversation was in the afternoon and evening and had the vibe of a lingering dinner. I found myself jotting down insightful things people were saying. It felt like it could gone on and on and a few people mentioned they wished it had.

Along with lively conversation and moments of quiet (one person said later, “I found the silent pauses absolutely wonderful”), we heard a baby cooing in the background and sirens from the streets of NYC. Members in London, Berlin, and Malmö were joined by neighbors in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and other U.S. cities. One person nearly tripped over her cat. The front porch came to life :)

The phone turned out to be an essential element. We had considered video, but wanted to find a way to push away from our screens. The telephone encourages attention and imagination and makes it easy to join from the backyard, cafe, or wherever you find yourself that day.

A huge thanks to the adventurous, lovely people who made the inaugural Table for Six conversations such a magical experience.

What's next

We want to make more room around the table. Many of you wanted to join, but weren't available that weekend. Others have more flexibility during the week. It's essential that everyone be able to be take part.

The next round will take place between October 18-25.

I think each and every one of you would truly enjoy it. Plus, we'd love your help figuring out what the future holds.

If you want to take part, just reply with the days and general times that work best for you, along with your timezone.

Questions, thoughts, and your current favorite song are also welcome, of course :)

Wishing you all the best in the week ahead,