Member Newsletter #19

Greetings, friends!

Thanks for taking a few minutes in this busy season to catch up on news from the Uncommon neighborhood.

We’ve added a brand-new addition to the porch: prompt reply collections! When you visit a neighbor on Uncommon, you’ll see a sampling of the prompts they’ve replied to. From there, you can enjoy all of their replies in one place. Not only is this a wonderful way to get to know one another, but it’s also fun to revisit your own replies. (You'll also notice that we've added an adorable row of favorite mementos to every profile.)

That’s just the start. Click the icon next to a prompt and you’ll see every reply to that prompt. There’s even a handy email link if you’d like to reply to one you’ve missed.

We’ll soon add prompt cards, so you can reply whenever you find inspiration in your daily stack.

Stop by the front porch and enjoy the new additions.

New Mementos

The talented @etherbrian just finished an amazing new collection of favorite mementos. We love to celebrate your unique favorites and the fascinating stories behind them. Enjoy the wonderful words and art:

If you share a love for any of these, add them as a Favorite or Uncommonly Good Thing on your favorites page and you'll be included along with your neighbors: uncommon in common :)

Table for Six: Wishes & Wonders

The third round of Table for Six is here! Pause during this often hectic season to join us for a delightful telephone conversation with uncommon neighbors from around the world. This month, we’re talking about Wishes & Wonders. Expect memorable moments, fresh perspectives, and new friends.

The conversations will take place between December 10-13. Just sign up for the day and time that works for you and we’ll follow up with the details. Everyone who has taken part so far has loved it. Claire called it “an unusual and fulfilling event”, Marcus replied, “I left with a lot of good energy and inspiration”, and Radhika described it as “another reminder of why Uncommon is such a special place.” We’d love to have you join us.


Another recent project was creating a membership page where you can see the details about your subscription, change your mailing address, and update your credit card. You’ll find a link on your Settings page. We’ll send you a note about a week before your membership is up for renewal.

This has been a special year for our community. We’ve welcomed new members to the front porch from near and far. And we’ve slowly renovated that front porch’s rather spartan foundation to make it a welcoming place filled with conversation and contributions from fascinating neighbors. We started with Stacks, greeting you each day with a freshly curated collection of cards. Next was search, making it easy to find Uncommoners and favorite things. Then, we launched Table for Six, monthly conversations that bring the front porch to life.

With the addition of prompt replies this month, everything is in place for an incredible new year.

What's Next

2016 is when we bring together this unique community in new ways. The dispatch will become the neighborhood newsletter we envisioned when we first began: written by and for members, including prompts and replies. (If you'd like to write an upcoming dispatch, we've created a form just for you.) We'll soon add additional Table for Six hosts, each bringing a unique approach and perspective to the conversations.

Plus, we have much planned for our online home and a few ideas for the next Tangibly Uncommon. Then, there will be the clever ideas we haven't thought of yet, most of which will come directly from you. Just hit reply to share yours :)

This community never ceases to amaze. At every turn, we encounter kindness, creativity, honesty, generosity, and a group of people who are game for anything. We've only just begun to discover what's possible, together.

Wishing you a December filled with friends, huge smiles, warmth, peaceful moments, and giving,