Member Newsletter #23

Welcome to June, Uncommon friends!

As you know, we've been counting down to the 150th dispatch and our 4th birthday. A huge thanks to Jenn and Drew (and next week, Jenny), for helping us celebrate with their wonderful dispatch essays. It's amazing to read what this community means to each of them. If you've missed the latest, you'll definitely want to catch up.

Also, a warm and hearty welcome to those of you who recently joined the front porch. We're all sorts of giddy that you're here. If you have questions or curiosities as you're dipping your toes in, we'd love to hear them. Reply here or drop us a note.

After the 150th dispatch, we'll introduce a new version of the dispatch for Uncommon's members. We want to focus on deepening the roots of this one-of-a-kind community, while always making room for new neighbors. It arrives next month!

Table for Six: Birthday Edition

Let's celebrate 4 years of Uncommon with delightful neighborhood conversations. Uncommon began on June 26, 2012, so we'll gather together on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26 to enjoy the company of friends near and far and dream up what's to come.

If you haven't joined one yet, Table for Six is a telephone conversation that lasts for about an hour and often goes in delightfully surprising directions. Everyone is welcomed and made to feel at home. It's one of my favorite Uncommon experiences and I know many who've taken part feel the same way.

In this conversation, we'll also chat about the future online version of Table for Six. I'd love to hear what you think and how we can make it a truly special addition.

Join us for Uncommon's birthday party! Just reply with:

I can't wait!

Overheard on the Front Porch

Kris on travel:

I get to try new food and see new sights and get very, very lost along the way.

Chandley on contentment:

At its essence contentment is the appreciation of everything in your life. It is a state that we should all hope to reach not when we are looking back on our lives at the end but now, every single day.

Brendan on lists:

It has something to do with attempting to harness as much knowledge and creativity as I can, to absorb and somehow digest the best of the chaos.

Jenny on gardens:

Watching season changeovers reminds me of the ephemeral nature of life - and gives me something to look forward to.

Radhika on what defines a great city:

For me, it's people, the presence of artists (of all kinds), good art galleries and museums, a resident orchestra, great restaurants and a sensitivity for good food, proximity to nature, sunshine, an international airport, pretty architecture, low-rise buildings, history... And an ocean view isn't bad too :)

Erin on her favorite memories of making a mess:

Exploration in a safe place, observation is the goal, failure is a key piece, and when it's all said and done, you clean up and start fresh.

And finally, Brian on the time Chilly Willy was left behind.

Stop by. We'd love to hear your voice on the front porch.

You're the best,