Member Newsletter #3

Happy Spring Equinox,

A sunny hello to Uncommon founders near and far. I hope March has been fabulous for you so far. If not, may things turn around soon.


We have been busy exchanging ideas for the various pages and interactions and are now turning the beautiful designs into elegant code. Soon we'll debut a simple new site that will provide a better welcome and overview for new folks, as well as introduce the core design elements. Then, we'll finish building the first feature for members, our 10 Favorite Things. Soon after that, you'll be able to invite a friend to enjoy a free year of Uncommon. Do you have someone in mind?

We're also turning the amazing postcards we've received into the site's first content.

We're eager to share these first steps with you. There is so much planned for Uncommon. Thanks to you and the tireless efforts of Brad, Marius, Lisa, and @etherbrian, it is slowly coming to life.

Your membership

Thanks for believing in this idea long before it existed in bits and pixels. Remember that your one-year membership has yet to start and won't until the site officially debuts.

Uncommon Gatherings

A highlight of this month was getting to hang out with founding members, including Kim, Daniel, Lora, Adam, Joel, Ben, and Ryan. I treasure every chance to talk life and Uncommon, and I'm already anticipating the next one.

Anytime you have questions or ideas, just drop me a note.

Until next time,