Member Newsletter #7

We're almost there.

It brings me great joy to write to each of you, the founding members of Uncommon in Common, to tell you that the online home for our community will soon be released!

What an incredible experience this has been. June 26 marks two years since the first post about this idea. In July, we'll send the 100th dispatch to over 1,100 delightful people.

I can't imagine a better group of founding members. Thank you for your belief, encouragement, and patience. I've learned a great deal in this undertaking, much of it from you. Uncommon is a community, not a website, and you've defined it as a place for kind, thoughtful, inclusive, and truly interesting people.

But it would be nice to have the website, too, wouldn't it? :)

We'll start with favorite things, of course. You’ll be able to add 10 Favorites and write the story behind them. You can create an invite to share with a friend for a free year of Uncommon. When they receive it, they'll visit the site and "knock". It's not the typical invite :)

We’ll show prompt replies and favorites from other members and, yes, the actual postcards you mailed long ago! The icons for the favorite things you wrote about are nearly finished. There will be a very basic version of stacks, a slow, calm, and limited way to interact with the content and community.

There's also a new edition of Tangibly Uncommon in the works, featuring two amazing essays from Uncommon members and a t-shirt by @etherbrian that I think you'll love. Oh, and new stickers, too.

I could fill a book filled with stories of the dedication, creativity, talent, and friendship that Brad, Brian, Marius, Andy, and Lora have brought to this community barn raising, the first three since the start. None of this would be possible without them.

In the next few weeks, you'll receive an email to join the site. You'll have access for a month before we open it to everyone.

As always, say hello, ask questions, or share a summer vacation slideshow. I'd love to chat.

Have a fabulous weekend!