Member Newsletter #9

Hello friends,

I hope things are splendid for you as the year draws to a close. I'm writing this from a coffeeshop alongside Brad and Andy, working on improvements to the front porch.

As I look back on 2014, I'm filled with gratitude for this community of thoughtful, fascinating people from Berlin to Portland and Malmö to Melbourne, and for the friends who give their time to creating Uncommon's online home. I love meeting each new person who steps onto the front porch and slowly discovering how they see the world. Every conversation, whether a series of replies over email or a lengthy talk over coffee, is a pleasure.

The highlight is stories from the friendly corners of our community. Two members from different countries recently bonded when one noticed the other’s Uncommon sticker. Small gatherings and new friendships, discovering the uncommon we have in common, is why this community exists.

Thanks for your attention and enthusiasm. You're an essential part of this story.

Tangibly Uncommon

Two years ago, we did our first edition of Tangibly Uncommon. We believe that there is something special about physical things in the Age of Bits. It’s time for a new batch.

Tangibly Uncommon is a package of original writing and artwork created by and for members of Uncommon. This edition features the first Uncommon tee and original essays by members of our community, Jennifer Brook and Jon Bell.

Get all the details about the Spring 2015 edition of Tangibly Uncommon.

Open doors

On Monday, November 17, we opened the doors of our online home so that anyone can join. It’s been a long journey to reach this point. It's thrilling to see new faces join us.

Enjoy these wonderful favorites Radhika and Marcus added recently. And now that three different members have raved about The Name of the Wind, I added it to my reading list. Maybe you'd like to, too.

What's next

Our next priority for the site is improving the stacks experience so when you visit, there is always a delightful stack of cards waiting for you. We'll also continue to smooth over any rough edges you find and have a few design improvements in the works. As you add new favorite things, we'll create beautiful mementos to celebrate them.

Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas. If you'd like to chat sometime, or find yourself in Austin, just say the word.

Cheers and warm wishes,