Something that is new and familiar all at once

I hope your week is going swimmingly well or at least includes a quick dip in a pool. Or maybe a double dip (more on that shortly).

I thought you might enjoy a little story about how the ridiculous name, Uncommon In Common dot com, came to be. I mentioned the dream of a slow web community to Robin Sloan, who recently created Fish: a tap essay (it’s wonderful, if you haven’t read it yet).

He was intrigued by the community idea, but thought the name, Toyed With, didn’t quite fit. I mentioned other possibilities and then for the fun of it, included Uncommon In Common dot com. I had always loved it and laughed at it and didn’t know which reaction to trust. His response was completely unexpected.

For what it’s worth I think uncommonincommon is pretty great. I just think it has a nice bit of poetry to it. And its length is almost a statement: "Bah, Tumblr! Bah Pinterest! Bah Zynga and Flarbo! You can keep your two-syllable made-up words. This site’s name has eight syllables so just slowww down."

I couldn’t stop smiling. This started conversations with many others and a few days later, we had a new name. Something amazing happens when someone doesn’t laugh at your laughable idea.

News and such

Every day, through email threads, coffee shop conversations, and Basecamp
discussions, Uncommon becomes a little bit more defined. So many of you have taken the time to share your ideas and wishes, and offer thoughtful feedback. It’s enormously helpful.

Work is continuing on a simple one-page site to serve as a temporary home. We’re also exploring the best ways to reflect the ethos of Uncommon through art and design. I’ll share more as the pieces fall into place. The pieces are only a beginning, though. All of us, together, will determine what Uncommon becomes.

Your favorites

Making errors is the essence of creativity. Better accidents are what make us go forward. I’ve been stuck in a rut of not trying recently, because I’m afraid of errors. But errors are good, if you make enough errors you’re bound to discover something. — Joachim on a favorite recent read, this terrific essay on photography
One of my favorite things is something that is new and familiar all at once—like a vase of fresh flowers in a color or variety I’ve never had before, or ice cream in a surprising flavor. — Lisa

Uncommon reads

we met on the internet by Andre Torrez

It’s taking me a while, but I feel like I am getting closer figuring out how to let the parade march by and go happily along my way.

FOMO and Social Media by Caterina Fake in March of last year, but well worth another look

There is true meaning in social media—real connections, real friendships, devotion, humor, sacrifice, joy, depth, love. And this is what we are looking for when we log on.

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Your turn

This week’s question is inspired by Layne’s story about one of her favorite

One of my 10 favorite things in the world is ice cream! The variety of flavors and memories that are available to me as I eat my favorite treat are endless. I have also made new friends while standing in line to order a scoop. If I put down my spoon long enough, I would write about the insights you can gain and conversations you can begin with one simple question: "What’s your favorite ice cream?"

In honor of steamy summer nights lingering over double dip ice cream cones with friends, tell us the story of your favorite ice cream…