What this is and what it might be, Part 2

Last week, I shared a little about what Uncommon is and what it might be. I really appreciate all of the replies, questions, and kind words. Now, let's talk more about how we begin.

With Uncommon, we want to create a self-sustaining community. We've all experienced free services whose only hope for survival is massive growth and ad revenue. When that chase fails, and in most cases it does, the site disappears. Our time and attention, the relationships we form and the content we share, deserve more than a roll of the dice.

When Uncommon launches, there will be an annual membership fee (more than a Kindle book, less than a fun night at the Drafthouse with your special someone). For the community to succeed and thrive, it's essential that each person has a sense of ownership of its present and future. The fee will allow us to create a sustainable site that is free from ads. I believe that Uncommon in Common will be a special place on the web, a community worthy of our time and money. When Uncommon debuts, I hope you'll agree.

If you're not convinced yet, no worries! We're only just beginning. Hang out, enjoy the dispatches, and help shape this growing community. Together, we'll slowly bring the picture into focus.

For those who can't wait to dive in, we've created a delightful way to do just that.

Tangibly Uncommon

We're looking for 100 passionately curious people to help start Uncommon in Common. As a founding member, you'll be an essential part of bringing this truly unique online community to life. You'll also help create the first content on the site in a tangibly uncommon way.

Each founding member will receive a package in the mail. Inside, you'll find...

The postcards will be the very first Uncommon favorites and prompts, and the heart of our debut. You'll have early access to the new site and once it's live, receive a one-year membership, plus an invite for a free membership to share with someone special.

A founding membership is $38 and includes everything mentioned above, plus shipping and a year membership when the site launches. It even includes stamps on the postcards :) Your support will help create something special on the web.

Founding memberships will be available later this month. If you want to reserve your spot, email be at uncommon.cc and we'll save a place for you (and we might as well include a little something extra in your envelope, too). I can't thank you enough .

Your turn

What is your favorite thing that you've ever received in the mail?