Welcome to the Front Porch

I often called Uncommon a front porch for internet. Why a front porch?

When I picture a porch, I see friends and neighbors talking and laughing together. People sit on the steps, lean against the wall, and relax in one of the misfit chairs. A lucky pair temporarily commandeers the porch swing.

There’s a cool breeze as the bright afternoon turns to dusk. A few people drift off to other adventures and others take their place. Each person brings something to share, from a special bottle or dish to an unforgettable story.

Most arrive with someone, but minutes later, they're drawn into conversations with new friends. Their curiosity is piqued by books, movies, albums, exhibits, and restaurants they are eager to explore. As darkness settles, the talk grows quieter and more reflective. Unusual candor and intimate conversation spark shifts in perspective. The thread that brought everyone together is strengthened.

That explains what we mean by porch, but why a front porch and not a back porch?

Normally when you find yourself on someone’s back porch, you were invited. In many cases, you’re already friends.

A front porch, though, welcomes the passersby; the stranger who just moved in across the street and the neighbor who you’ve only shared polite waves with. The gathering is in the open and the sound of music and smells of delicious food waft down the sidewalk. It's as easy to stop by for a few as it is to stay for hours.

The best porches are places where all are welcome.